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4 Steps To Instagram Success For Your Business

Instagram is an incredibly powerful platform for reaching customers and new audiences. With 1 billion monthly active users, the platform is a major hub for people to explore their interests and connect with other users. Utilizing Instagram as a way to connect with people can help increase your brand’s visibility and use visuals to show how your business is relevant to people’s everyday lives.

Why use Instagram for business?
As of 2018, only 36% of marketers said they were using Instagram compared to 93% who said they were using Facebook. This difference seems staggering, but in some ways it makes sense. Facebook demographics have a pretty even distribution across all age ranges and locations compared to Instagram demographics, which skew heavily toward young, urban users. As Instagram’s demographics continue to grow, it’s critical that brands have a presence on the platform and build strong relationships with their followers over time.

People see Instagram as a great place to connect with brands. In 2015, 70% of users reported having looked up a brand on the platform and 62% said they followed a brand. Users are actively looking for standout brands on the platform and even opportunities to purchase products through Instagram’s growing ecommerce features.

Utilizing everything Instagram has to offer and building a strong account can seem like a daunting task, but these four steps can help position you for success.

1) Create a clear vision and strategy
It’s important to establish a thoughtful strategy for how you want to utilize Instagram and what goals you’re hoping to achieve before you get into the details of running your account. Simply, your strategy and vision should answer, “what do you hope to accomplish” and “how are you going to do that.” You’ll also want to think about how your brand’s personality will translate to this platform in order to stay consistent with your other marketing efforts.

2) Maintain a consistent posting frequency
How often you post is just as important as what you post. Posting at the right time will get your content in front of your followers and increase your engagement. There are a lot of tools out there to help you analyze your Instagram posts and followers. We recommend using Instagram Insights, which is automatically included in your Instagram business account. This tool can help you gain insight into when your audience is active and how your content is performing so you can better understand when and what to post.

3) Know your audience
If you look at many of the most popular brands on Instagram today, you’ll see a lot of variety in terms of content. This is influenced by the personality of their brands as well as the demographics they’re trying to reach. A shoe brand targeting teenagers is going to post content that’s very different from a major news organization. Utilizing insights about the behaviors and interests of your target audiences can help you develop content that speaks to and engages with them.

4) Develop a clear visual style
Instagram is an extremely visual platform. The quality and composition of your posts have to speak for themselves. Investing the time in creating a strong visual theme will help you establish a strong brand presence and distinguish your content from everything else in your followers’ feed. You’ll also want to make sure to include a mix of videos or animations along with still photos to make your content more engaging.

Here are three companies who have done a great job of translating their brand to Instagram with strong visual themes.


? + ? captured by @cimkedi

A post shared by Adobe (@adobe) on

Adobe is known for its creative tools, which allow people to make stunning designs and photos. This is directly reflected in the bold colors and creativity of their posts, which seek to spark their followers’ imaginations and connect with the creative community on the platform.


Reuters is a respected news organization focused on global cover of important topics including technology, business, finance, politics, entertainment and much more. Its brand translates to Instagram with compelling, dramatic photos from around the world that capture moments from the day’s top stories. By leveraging their photojournalism and emotion-rich content, they have generated a huge audience, which likely translates to online readership.

Flowers of Dreams

Flowers for Dreams is a boutique flower shop. It’s a much smaller brand than Adobe or Reuters, but it has established a significant Instagram presence by focusing on the product it’s best known for: flowers. The account creates a consistent aesthetic by incorporating their floral theme into all of the photos. It taps into the emotions of its audience by featuring local charities, the company’s employees and a vast array of floral arrangement to brighten their followers’ day.

Each visual theme we’ve highlighted directly ties back to the business goals of the organization. Adobe wants customers to be inspired and use its products to create their own beautiful designs. Reuters wants people to feel the day’s news, as well as be informed about what’s going on and go to them for the information. Flowers for Dreams wants to be a customer’s first choice for flowers while also showcasing company culture and values.

These are only a couple of examples of the many brands on Instagram that are utilizing a visual theme to make their content stand out and engage with their followers.

Build off what works
Creating an effective Instagram presence may require a bit of trial and error. Don’t be discouraged if it takes some time to find success. Try a few things, see what works and refine your content strategy as you start to understand what resonates with your audiences.

If you’d like help creating a strong account and reaching people on Instagram, contact us. Our digital experts can help you utilize the many features Instagram has to offer your business.

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