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How to Choose a Marketing Agency

There are many different types of agencies in the world, and each offers a slightly different mix of services or specialties. These might include marketing and advertising, public relations and communications, storytelling, brand design and more. When on the hunt for a marketing agency, making…

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Visual Storytelling on Instagram

Last week, Instagram revealed “carousel ads,” a unique opportunity for advertisers to share visual stories about their brands. Big brands such as Levi’s, Hollister and Taco Bell are a few of Instagram’s partners that have access to this advertising functionality. Smaller businesses will have to…

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Hello, Ello.

U2’s song Vertigo was written to describe the challenges of a capitalist life, but the chorus could also describe how many feel about social media today. Hello hello I’m at a place called Vertigo It’s everything I wish I didn’t know The new social media…

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