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Q&A With Ellie Cross, Our Social Media Intern

Looking to gain industry insight, Ellie joins our team as our Social Media Intern. Although still getting started in the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication, she is passionate about learning more about the different career tracks advertising and marketing have to offer….

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3 Tips For Landing Your First PR Internship

Searching for a job can seem intimidating. There’s a lot of competition for entry-level jobs and internships in the PR industry. Fortunately, the way we search for jobs is always changing, which brings more opportunities to connect with professionals and identify opportunities that might be…

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My Case for the Oxford Comma

Here at Funk/Levis, we work with clients who have different style guides covering the “Oxford comma,” that “extra” comma between the second and third item in a list. Many of us learned in school this comma was optional in our writing. I typically err on…

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