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Experiencing Lane Community College

Brand consistency is an important piece of any marketing plan. The Lane Community College brand extends to every department on campus and into the community. Lane’s marketing team strives to build a cohesive brand that is not only recognized and supported by community members, but is also a mark of pride for the students and staff that make up our community’s college.

A few months ago, we tackled an especially fun project with Lane: our task was to transform an old bus into a mobile tribute to the college’s brand. We decided that the bus – donated to Lane by Lane Transit District – needed a serious makeover. One of our graphic designers, Jolene Taylor, created an eye-catching graphic used to wrap the entire bus.  We also filled the interior with posters featuring photos of students on campus. The finished product reflected Lane’s branding and supported our marketing and outreach goals.

Our goal was to create a mobile marketing piece that would be visually stunning enough to get students – and people – excited. The bus needed to make a statement and get people talking about it, exploring it, and even taking pictures with it.  We didn’t want to use it as a canvas for a simple or traditional transit advertisement; we wanted it to be a conversation generator and a tangible symbol for the Lane brand.

The Lane bus was first introduced to campus at a Lane Board of Education meeting. Board members were invited to walk through the bus and view the interior posters. In the future, the college intends to use this vehicle to transport students during special events such as the ASLCC’s trip to Salem for Lane’s Day at the Capitol. Community members may even spot the bus parked at local events, so keep your eyes peeled for this exciting addition to Lane’s fleet!

At Funk/Levis, we love thinking outside the box to develop creative ways to recycle old inventory and use these marketing vehicles (no pun intended) to meet a stated goal. Specifically, this kind of advertising is highly beneficial because it reaches everyone in the community – not just your target audience. Unique projects like Lane’s wrapped bus serve as a reminder of your brand’s presence in the community, and cultivate support for your brand by catching everyone’s eye.

Kerri, Account Assistant

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