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I get design inspiration from the world around me. Just about anything and everything can be a source for sparking my creativity. Just walk outside, and design is all around us. It’s in the symmetry of a leaf. The pattern and texture of bricks. The ever-changing colors and smoothness of clouds. My inspiration comes from examining the way things work; the way they are put together, and their place among all that is around them. Design, for me, is all about play, and joy and experimentation.

I get inspired when I encounter two dissimilar things joined to make an new idea. For example: a pattern of bubbles, covered in a film of oil, inspires the design of a flexible bandage. This idea was influenced by observing tadpole eggs floating on a still pond. Velcro was inspired by the way burrs stick to wool socks. A precise navigation system was dreamt from watching the way crickets chirp and communicate their location with each other.

I don’t make a strong distinction between graphic design, typography, photography, architecture, fashion, music, the performing arts or cinema. All influence and inspire me. But the natural world fascinates me the most. The overlap between science, math, botany, geology and the graphic arts never ceases to teach me how to see.

Chris (Senior Designer)

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