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How to Choose a Marketing Agency

There are many different types of agencies in the world, and each offers a slightly different mix of services or specialties. These might include marketing and advertising, public relations and communications, storytelling, brand design and more. When on the hunt for a marketing agency, making a decision can be stressful. There are a few ways to organize your thoughts and determine whether an agency is a good fit for you and your company.

Experience and success in the industry, examples of prior work and extensive knowledge of topics that an agency claims to be an expert in are all important factors. Here are a few strategies to help you to narrow your search and find the perfect marketing agency.

Develop Your List of Needs, Wants and Expectations
What do you want from an agency and what do you expect it can help you accomplish? Do you need help with brand development and logo design? Review a firm’s past work and ask about the process. If you’re looking for an agency that can also provide public relations and crisis communications support, you may be looking for a local firm that has a good understanding of the community. If you need advertising services, you’ll likely want someone who can provide examples of successful campaigns they’ve completed in the past. Having a good understanding of your goals will help provide clarity in the process of choosing an agency.

Evaluate Chemistry, Culture, Vibe
Sometimes a good partnership hinges on whether two parties are compatible, or even how easily they’re able to communicate with one another. If initial conversations with agency employees seem to be challenging or awkward, look elsewhere. Hiring an agency is like hiring another employee – you want to choose someone who can get the job done but who is also a good fit culturally. An agency should make your life easier! Generally, smaller agencies are going to be able to give you more of that one-on-one interaction, collaborative atmosphere and personal attention.

Industry Experience and Expertise are Important
The amount of time an agency has spent perfecting their craft is an important factor in your decision to hire. Experience leads to expertise and a good agency should be able to showcase its knowledge on the services it offers. Agencies often specialize in specific types of clients and industries, so look for one that has a strong understanding of your business category. If you’re curious about how well an agency knows their stuff, just ask! Employees with experience and expertise will be able to provide straightforward answers that resonate and make sense for your business.

Our Philosophy and Approach
At Funk/Levis & Associates, our underlying philosophy is to “care about your brand as much as you do…and sometimes more.” This means we become your brand advocates and see ourselves as an extension of your internal marketing team. We are passionate about helping our clients be successful and achieve their marketing objectives. Whether that means designing and managing exceptional brands from the ground up, navigating delicate public relations situations, executing successful advertising campaigns across the full spectrum of modern media, or implementing integrated strategies that translate to success in the digital world, our clients count on us to be their committed marketing partner, every step of the way.

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