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Is Using Facebook At Work A Good Thing?

A recent study by Microsoft breaks down the usage of social tools in the workplace. Although the study didn’t specify which tools the respondents used we consider social tools to be things like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. The is article reveals the possible pros and cons of allowing employees access to social networking sites during business hours. Out of 9,098 informational workers surveyed, 46% claim that their productivity has increased due to the use of social tools.

It is reported that 68% of the survey’s respondents use social tools to communicate with their colleagues. The other top reasons for using social tools in the work place all revolved around work as well! Employees share and review documents, network, and reach out to clients, vendors, and customers via social tools. These are all work-related tasks that are made easier by social tools of the modern era. So what do you think? Do you use Facebook at work?

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