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New To The Team… And Couldn’t Be More Excited!

My first exposure to Funk/Levis came when I was just a young pup, new to the Eugene area and working at Willamette Valley Company in the late 90s. Several Funksters (including designer extraordinaire Chris Berner) were brought in to do brand training for our marketing team. From that very first interaction, I was a Funk Fan!

So imagine my delight when I joined LibertyBank and discovered that the beautiful campaign work the bank was doing originated from the creative geniuses at Funk/Levis, the bank’s ad agency. For six years, I had the distinct pleasure of working with the Funk/Levis team on a number of projects and campaigns, including a rebranding.

When presented with the opportunity to join this amazing team, I was thrilled! I’ve admired their work for so many years, and I am deeply honored to now call myself a Funkster. My first few weeks on the job have confirmed what I’ve known all along: the Funk/Levis team is smart, creative and extremely dedicated to producing high-quality work. As the newest member of the team, I look forward to helping our clients achieve their marketing objectives, build strong brands and experience Funocity along the way!

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