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Visual Storytelling on Instagram

Last week, Instagram revealed “carousel ads,” a unique opportunity for advertisers to share visual stories about their brands. Big brands such as Levi’s, Hollister and Taco Bell are a few of Instagram’s partners that have access to this advertising functionality. Smaller businesses will have to…

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Thank you for calling our brand

A few months ago at Funk/Levis, we toyed with the idea of using an automated voice system to manage the phones for our office. A few seconds later, we realized that option misrepresented our brand and would prevent us from upholding what we value most—…

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Several years ago I was doing social media for a conference with the hashtag #CelebrateScience. The hashtag was great and brought attention to funding for health research. It was also prone to being hijacked, and we were constantly using tactics to prevent others from using…

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Branding Lessons From Bitcoin’s Fall

In 2013, Bitcoin’s value soared. A few weeks ago, Bitcoin’s value fell dramatically: Just as the digital currency seemed to be taking the world by storm, disaster struck and the currency plummeted. Gone are the headlines reading “2013: Year of the Bitcoin,” “Bitcoin worth almost…

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A Brand Too Far

Can a brand sometimes go too far with its products reaching into every corner of our lives? Trader Joe’s taking over my pantry may be one thing, but when I see Justin Bieber toothbrushes I start to wonder (sorry “beliebers”). And then I saw this: Cinnabon…

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Yahoo! Changed its logo. Did anyone notice?

Earlier this summer, we wrote about the unfortunate rebranding of financial services firm Ernst & Young, which made a splash when changing their name to EY. Photos of Ernst & Young’s executives were quickly mixed with photos of men in their underwear who were featured in EY…

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