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The Four “Rights” of Strategic Integration

Strategic integration. It can sound intimidating, but we believe it’s a core tenet of marketing — one that requires intention and thoughtfulness to execute effectively.

Put simply, strategic integration is coordinating your marketing messages across multiple channels, online and off, to reach your target audience with a consistent and compelling message.

Strategic integration has many different components, but it’s rooted in brand building. From digital media and search engine optimization to print ads and outdoor advertising, strategic integration creates a seamless connection across all of your marketing efforts.

To achieve the best results, we follow the four “rights:” Right People, Right Place, Right Message and Right Time.

Right People

It all starts with your audience. Defining the types of people you want to reach helps you understand the lifestyle of your audience and how they spend their money.

Right Place

There’s a reason no one buys ads on Myspace — no one’s there. Knowing where your audience is and the types of media they use allows you to deliver your message to the right people in a memorable way.

Right Message

Each platform has its own subtle nuances. How you say something in a tweet isn’t necessarily how you’d say it on a billboard. Being able to navigate these subtleties and customize your message appropriately ensures you’re speaking to your audience in an engaging way.

Right Time

Timing is everything. From the time of day to the time of year, understanding the context of your message means you can reach your audience when they’ll be most receptive to what you have to say.

Strategic integration requires a mastery of digital platforms, marketing know-how and a high level of thoughtful coordination. Investing in this process can mean the difference between a successful campaign and a campaign no one sees.

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