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Welcome to the Funk/Levis Blog!

Welcome to the Funk/Levis blog! We are happy to introduce you to our thoughts, musings and advice as presented here. Our blog will be written by a variety of our staff members to keep things fresh and interesting for readers and to diversify the knowledge we provide. We hope you like it.

Why did we decide to start a blog now? At Funk/Levis, we have a wealth of ideas about marketing, branding and public relations that we want to share. We are already doing some of this through our social media work and on our website. We are also sharing our expertise through our publications and our speaking engagements. But even with all that, we wanted to have yet another outlet for connecting with our audience directly. We also want to spread our version of ‘how we do what we do’, which we call “Funocity”. Funocity, to the Funk/Levis team, is the joy we bring to the work that we do. It is our philosophy that doing the work should be just as enjoyable and wonderful as the results are. We strive to bring to each of our projects and all of our clients the spirit of enjoying the process of getting there – wherever there is. Please enjoy and comment when something strikes you. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Anne Marie (President & Creative Director)

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