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Why hire a professional to help with your wayfinding?

What is wayfinding?
The term “wayfinding” is a literal one – it’s the process of finding your way with the help of signs and other visual cues. Such signs can help to communicate critical information for anyone seeking a certain location.

What are the steps to assessing a space and its wayfinding needs?
When crafting helpful signage and other directional cues, there are many factors to evaluate. Here are a few we believe are essential:

  • Determine how, when and where people need to make decisions as they’re walking or driving to their destination.
  • Location matters. A sign placed in an awkward location can make the difference between taking the correct turn or getting completely disoriented.
  • Consider ADA requirements, line of sight, building codes, aesthetics, font size, branding and other factors.

Why hire an expert to do this work?
There’s a lot that can go wrong in the process of wayfinding, which is why we believe it’s important to hire someone who knows how to get it right.

Here are a couple examples of what we mean:

  • Poorly thought-out wayfinding, such as misplaced or missing signage, unclear or complicated wording and other elements can create a poor user experience and damage your reputation.
  • Incorrectly placed signage and other cues can also alienate different groups of people, create accessibility issues and ultimately hurt your business.
  • A sign can have all the right information but still be of little value if it is illegible due to low contrast, poor lighting or type that’s too small
  • Signs are an extension of your branding and marketing efforts. A poorly designed sign that is fabricated with low-quality materials or that uses fonts and colors that don’t align with your brand can do more harm than good.
  • Well-designed wayfinding complements its surroundings.

How do you know an agency has expertise in this area? What should you expect?
Agencies that understand wayfinding will visit the space where signage needs to be placed – it’s an in-person operation, not something that can be done over the phone.

In addition, agencies that excel in wayfinding should have examples of such work and be able to articulate what the process of wayfinding is all about. Our expertise at Funk/Levis and Associates covers the entire wayfinding process to clearly communicate directions and information to visitors. Give us a call!

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