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Women’s Space: Supporting Our Local Community

Domestic violence is an awful crime and is frequently un-reported. This abuse can be physical, emotional, economical or sexual. These situations are often difficult to break away from and for those that do many live in fear. People often leave these bad situations with nothing, which makes a new beginning a little tough. Thank goodness for non-profits such as WomenSpace that are focused on helping people start over and get the help they need.

WomenSpace is a local non-profit in Eugene that provides services to women and children suffering domestic abuse. They are working to end domestic violence by empowering women and children and changing the community standards.

Funk/Levis & Associates is thrilled to be able to contribute to the efforts of WomenSpace. We have asked our holiday guests to join us this year in supporting families starting over at WomenSpace by helping us ‘Stock the Space’ with various kitchen items. The Funk/Levis team thanks our guests who helped to outfit the kitchens of families in need.

If you are interested in donating to WomenSpace call (541) 485-8232 to get information about their current needs and various ways to help out!

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