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Thank you for calling our brand

A few months ago at Funk/Levis, we toyed with the idea of using an automated voice system to manage the phones for our office. A few seconds later, we realized that option misrepresented our brand and would prevent us from upholding what we value most—…

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Yes for 4J Schools

At Funk/Levis, we are extremely passionate about education. When supporters of 4J Schools asked for our help creating a campaign to support a local levy, we were eager to take on the project. We created postcards, lawn signs, a website, fliers and more for the…

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Hello, Ello.

U2’s song Vertigo was written to describe the challenges of a capitalist life, but the chorus could also describe how many feel about social media today. Hello hello I’m at a place called Vertigo It’s everything I wish I didn’t know The new social media…

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