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Account Assistant

Hailey Pratt

Fun Facts
  • Hailey is a fourth-generation graduate of the University of Oregon.
  • She has been to the Eugene Ballet Company’s performance of The Nutcracker 20 times. It’s a family tradition.
  • Her culinary specialties are bruschetta and ahi poke.
Favorite Things
  • Anything Kate Spade

  • Hand lettering and calligraphy

  • Books, especially To Kill A Mockingbird

Hailey joined the Funk/Levis team in 2018 after earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising from the University of Oregon and graduating cum laude. Prior to becoming a Funkster, she was a marketing multimedia producer at the American English Institute and market research intern with a Portland-based consulting firm.

As an account assistant, Hailey develops content, analyzes data and project results and collaborates with account managers to meet each client’s needs. Hailey enjoys learning more about data analytics, search engine optimization and emerging technology.

A fifth-generation Oregonian, Hailey grew up floating the McKenzie River, watching UO sports and savoring summers at Triangle Lake. She loves hula hooping, reading, building the perfect charcuterie board, hand lettering and spending time with her family.

Hailey Pratt's True Colors

  • 38% Green

  • 13% Orange

  • 17% Blue

  • 32% Gold

Hailey’s dominant True Color is green, which means she is a curious, pragmatic problem solver. Her drive to collect knowledge and uncover insights in data sharpens the team’s critical thinking. In each project she works on, Hailey infuses the signature green traits of accuracy, thoroughness and thoughtful consideration.

The gold in her profile connects the dots of her logical, data-driven approach. Gold inspires Hailey to give structure to ideas and research, making her a dependable strategic thinker with purposeful plans. A hint of blue makes her a good listener, striving to find consensus among ideas and people.
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