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Account Manager

Jessica Henley

Fun Facts
  • She won her age group at the Silver Falls Trail run in 2019.
  • She is half Aussie and loves vegemite.
  • She ran the Grand Canyon from the rim to the river and back to the rim, for fun!
Favorite Things
  • Skiing and mountain biking with her husband and daughters

  • Cooking

  • Traveling

Jessica is a seasoned and strategy-oriented marketing professional with a knack for translating business goals into communication strategies that deliver positive and measurable results. She brings over two decades of advertising agency and consulting experience to the Funk/Levis team.

She donates her time at the local middle school and serves on the board of directors for the Eugene Composite youth mountain bike racing team. Jessica holds an MBA from the University of Colorado, Denver and a BS in Marketing from the University of Northern Colorado.

Jessica Henley's True Colors

  • 28% Green

  • 27% Orange

  • 28% Blue

  • 17% Gold

Jessica is one of the most evenly balanced of the Funksters in her True Colors. She radiates the interpersonal side of a true blue with the analytical skills of a green. Then you watch her work and realize she has all the characteristics of a creative orange team member. She is equal parts engaging, personable and analytical. It is great to have a team member who exemplifies all that is good in each of the True Colors.
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