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Jolene Taylor

Fun Facts
  • Grass green is Jolene’s favorite color, and fresh-cut grass is her favorite smell.
  • She has a huge extended family since her mom was one of 12 kids—she has 54 (and counting) cousins and second cousins.
  • She has been cutting her own hair and, subsequently her fingers, for years now.
Favorite Things
  • Basking in the first sunny spring day

  • Camping in the middle of nowhere

  • Catching up with friends over tacos

Since 2010, Jolene has been a valuable member of the Funk/Levis team. She joined us after completing an Associate degree in Graphic Design at Lane Community College. Before attending Lane, she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Montana.

An indispensable force of creative knowledge and skill, Jolene balances a contagious collaborative energy with lightning fast design thinking. A talented visual storyteller, she brings our clients’ brands and messaging to life with her own unique perspective and style. Her creativity is only matched by her drive to continue learning and expanding her abilities as a designer.

In her spare time, she likes exploring new places, playing disc golf, dominating at yard games and discovering new microbrews.

Jolene Taylor's True Colors

  • 12% Green

  • 22% Orange

  • 31% Blue

  • 35% Gold

Jolene’s dominant True Color is gold, which means she is responsible and likes to be prepared. However, with blue as a close second, she puts high value on self-expression, creativity and making personal connections.

Even though Jolene has less orange in her profile, she still loves to laugh and have a good time. Green is the lowest of Jolene’s True Colors so she leaves fact finding and analysis to others on the team, such as Jason.
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