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Lilian Morrill

Fun Facts
  • Lilian has never been stung by a bee.
  • She ran in the 2019 Eugene Half Marathon.
  • She's been to all 7 wonders of Oregon.
Favorite Things
  • Road trips

  • Going to the movies

  • My nephew Ivan

Lilian joined the Funk/Levis team in 2019, only three weeks after graduating from the University of Oregon. Earning a Bachelor of Science degree in public relations and staying busy in college gave her the skills to jump right in with confidence. As a student, Lilian gained experience in athletic communications, nonprofit healthcare communications, leadership and storytelling. She is eager to learn more about crisis communication and branding strategy.

Lilian Morrill's True Colors

  • 20% Green

  • 23% Orange

  • 20% Blue

  • 37% Gold

Lilian has a high percentage of Gold in her True Colors profile. This means she is organized, thorough and likes to plan ahead. But with Orange as her second highest color, she is also cool under pressure, a natural problem solver and able to adapt quickly in dynamic situations. This Gold-Orange combination reflects Lilian’s work ethic, straightforward approach and desire to accomplish the tasks set before her.
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