Brand Design

We can develop an authentic brand identity and logo for your company.

When designing a brand, we strive to define, differentiate and dramatize. We first work to identify each client’s unique brand and use that as a base for creating individualized and unique marketing materials.

Brand Strategy

People care about who you are just as much as they care about what you do. Being able to tell your brand’s story effectively involves intentionally and thoughtfully connecting the personality and position of your brand to the concerns and needs of your audience. By defining your brand’s foundational elements, we create a standard to guide all your marketing efforts and strategically position your brand for success.


Naming your organization, company or product is something you want to get just right. It connects with your audiences and stands out in their minds. We actively work to develop a name that truly reflects who you are, what you do and why people should care.

Logo Design

We have more than 40 years of experience designing brand identities. Many of the logos you see everyday throughout Eugene and the Northwest have been created by our team. We are skilled at bringing your business to life through an engaging logo that stands the test of time and changing trends.

Brand Launch

When the time comes to introduce your new brand, we will work with you to develop a strategic plan with tactics intended to successfully generate interest and awareness for the your brand’s identity.

Brand Management

Maintaining the integrity of a brand starts with understanding consistency of communication. In other words, what it is and why it exists in the world. As responsible stewards of your brand, we are passionate about creating campaigns and marketing materials that align with your brand and ensure it maintains its core while adapting to an ever-changing communications landscape.
Take a Look at Each Step in Our Brand Design Process

The Process Matters

Step 1

Kickoff Meeting

We facilitate a meeting with your team to uncover the key tenets of your brand.

Step 2

Brand Foundation

We help you develop a personality and identity for your brand.

Step 3

Creative Process

We work to determine the look-and-feel of your brand and produce any requested materials, from new logos to brochures and beyond.

Step 4

Brand Rollout

We help you determine the best avenues and methods for implementing your brand.