Public Relations & Strategic Communication

The value of communication cannot be overestimated.

Today’s 24/7 news cycle requires anticipating what might happen before it does, then knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do it effectively at a moment’s notice. We develop strategic and proactive messaging plans to address a variety of communication needs, from creating general awareness to managing moments of crisis.

Crisis Communications

There is no absolute way to prevent things from going wrong, even with the most expert help. We work with you to prepare for a crisis and manage it when it happens in order to minimize the negative and maximize the long-term positive results.

Internal Communications

Effective communication starts internally and works its way to the outside. We develop organizational communication plans that match your workplace culture and internal processes. Ensuring your employees know what to say and when to say it helps create a centralized source for information and prevents misinformation from spreading.

Community Outreach

Public perception is key to any successful campaign. Our community outreach efforts start with researching the audience to clearly understand their concerns and how best to reach and influence them. We analyze the data to develop insights that will lead to a plan for introduction and acceptance. We use the latest research and outreach tools to gain insights quickly and effectively.

Audience and Marketing Research

All of the work we do starts with listening and questioning. We use a variety of research tools to understand your audience and gain insights about your brand. From quantitative to qualitative research, we identify actionable insights to effectively reach your target audiences with the right message at the right time.

Reputation Management

Your brand’s reputation is more than just what people say about it—it’s the sum of all their experiences and opinions, both positive and negative. We actively work to manage relationships with audiences to build long-term and positive connections. We also have a proven process to help with reputation remediation if negative perceptions arise.

Media Relations

We understand media and what it means to be a journalist in today’s world. We’ve developed trusted relationships with many media organizations, which leads to delivering newsworthy stories and attracting media attention. We have a deep understanding and thorough process for working with local, regional and national media organizations.

Public Affairs

The success of government agencies’ engagement with initiatives relies on community support. We work alongside your organization to develop strategic communications for policy changes, public/private partnerships and major projects. We’re experienced with public information efforts to build awareness and support for public endeavors.

Media Trainings

Our team has first hand experience with the inner workings of a newsroom. We use our expertise to help your organization train staff and employees on effective communication and brand representation. These trainings are informative, actionable and offer tools that help you manage your communication efforts moving forward.
Follow Each Step in Our Communication Process

The Process Matters

Step 1


We take stock of the facts presented on both sides and are objective in our evaluation of the issue at hand.

Step 2


We extensively research industries relevant to the situation in order to understand the market forces at play.

Step 3

Determine Solution

We find ways to communicate the issues that keep the spotlight away from negativity and focus on the facts.

Step 4


We utilize our media connections to determine the right people to pitch to in order to tell the story in a way that minimizes negativity.