Strategic Integration

Digital media is critical.
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Community Building & Engagement

Your audience is already online — we just find them and join the conversation! We have a deep understanding of the communities in the digital realm, and help clients understand when to engage and when to simply listen.

Content Development & Search Engine Optimization

We go beyond AdWords to ensure that everything you do online improves your organic SEO rank and places you at the top of web searches. We achieve this by developing content that is true to our clients’ brands and relevant to their audiences.

Digital Analytics

We constantly track and monitor our clients’ social media presence to make sure we’re reaching the right target audience. Funksters are always researching reports and trends to ensure we’re utilizing strategies that create an impact for your brand.

Integrated Campaigns

As social media and online communication continue to rise in importance, it is vital that they are a part of our clients’ overall marketing and communications plan. We understand how to bring all elements together in a coordinated and consistent manner.
Take a Look at Each Step in Our Strategic Integration Process

The Process Matters

Step 1

Define Goals

We work to determine potential roadblocks and outline goals before creating any materials, ensuring the project has a clearly defined direction from the start.

Step 2

Market Research

We extensively research relevant markets to better understand how they operate and to make note any recent changes that could influence the initial project outline.

Step 3

Plan Development

We create a marketing plan that utilizes the information from our research to determine how you can best reach your audience to achieve optimal results.

Step 4


We examine the qualities that make your target audience unique, and use them in conjunction with hard data to find and utilize the best methods for placing materials.

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